MICHAELNAGAR SHIKSHANIKETAN and SAHARA VIDYABHAVAN were established in the year 1966 on the land of 10 Cottahs donated by Michael Samabaya Upanibesh Samity (Lessor) in two tiles shedded rooms. These schools were recognized in the name of SAHARA VIDYABHAVAN PRIMARY SCHOOL and MICHAELNAGAR SHIKSHANIKETAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. One allotment letter was offered to Michaelnagar Shikshaniketan in the year 1972. Michael Samabaya Upanibesh Samity donated 02 Bighas 08 Cottahs of land to Shikhsaniketan in the year 1979. These lands were earmarked in the Master Plan in the year of 1965 (Reserved for Boys and Girls School).

Subsequently, it was decided by the Samabaya Samity that the MichaelNagar Shikshaniketan would be shifted to other site separately i.e. Primary and Junior High School (upto class VIII). Accordingly, Junior High School was shifted adjacent to Jessore Road in the year 1982. This land measuring 16.5 Cottahs was registered through exchange deed in the year 1982 infavour of MichaelNagar Shikshaniketan. At the same time land measuring 03 Bigha 17 Cottahs was offered for playground through exchange deed at the northern side of the school as LICENSEE. But the ownership of the ground would remain in name of Michael Samabaya Upanibesh Samity. It was observed from record of Samabaya Samity that at the request of Michael Samahaya Samity, the land owner, Late Sobha Rani Deb donated 7 Satak (approx. OS Cottah) for setting up the school. Ground floor of the school building was constructed by the Samity and remaining 12 Cottahs of land on the eastern side of school was protected for higher education purpose.

It was announced in the Assembly of West Bengal in the year 2005 that all the Junior High School would be promoted in the shape of Madhyamik i.e. class X. Accordingly, erstwhile secretary of the samity had sent a letter to Education Minister for up-gradation of school on 27th January 2006. At a later stage the then Head Master of school tried his level best for up-gradation of school. But same was not upgraded due to some unforeseen situation.

During the last four years or so our MLA cum Chairman of Madhyamgram Municipality Sri Rathin Ghosh played a significant role in developing the institution for upgrading the school to Secondary High School (upto X), in the year 2012. In 2017 through his orientation the school was converted to English medium. We convey our heartiest congratulation for such achievement. The society remained as the founder of the school even to this day.
We wish all success to the sincere efforts of the present committee.

—  Presented by Michael Samabaya Upanibesh Samity